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The Saga of the Bunk Bed

As January comes to a close, it ends the same way it began. January 1, Trina and I went shopping for bunk beds for Tiffany and Whitney. We picked one out and scheduled to have it delivered on the 5th. The store missed the delivery date and the saga began. For the subsequent four weeks, Trina went back and forth with the store setting up appointments and trying to take delivery. We did receive a bed for a couple of minutes around the middle of...

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Super Sunday

It is Super Sunday on so many levels. Nearly everyone on the planet knows that Super Bowl XXXIV is being held today in Atlanta. The kick-off is scheduled for 4:14 PM MST so if I am to see the beginning of the pre-game show I better set my alarm clock for 6:00 AM. I always look forward to the Super Bowl. It signals the time when pitchers and catchers begin packing before spring training starts. For the Diamondbacks, there are only 17 days until...

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A Taxing Situation

After an emotion filled day yesterday, I am spent today. I could’t do anything if I wanted to. But that didn’t seem to be an excuse for Trina. She had me up early for my annual event of preparing the taxes. Exactly one day after my W2 arrives in the mail, I am required to have the taxes done. This year I have an incentive. Trina and I have an agreement. If I get them done and ready to be filed before the first of February, I can...

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It’s Time!

I came home from work, relatively relaxed knowing that the work week was now behind me. I always look forward to the weekends and being able to lounge around. I was surprised when Trina met me at the door, a pained look on her face. It’s time she said. What? Not now, not yet! I sure hadn’t planned it like this. My mind began to race. Did we have everything? Were the kids taken care of, how are you feeling? I ran around gathering...

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Pieces Falling Into Place

This column has been written for over a week. All the details were accurate. All that was lacking was confirmation from the team. Unfortunately, that did not come. Finally on January 28, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced the signing of Brian Anderson to a three year deal. BA will be paid $11 Million in salary. The contract is laden with incentive clauses which could give Brian an extra $1.25 Million if he reaches certain milestones. The...

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Baseball Memories

Since my childhood, I have always had a love of the game of baseball. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, I would spend each summer shagging balls for the local Pioneer League team, the Idaho Falls Angels. For every five foul balls I retrieved I got a snow cone, what a deal. I would watch baseball on television and envy all those who were in attendance. When we moved to Arizona, I attended as many spring training games as I could. It was...

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Go Speed Racer

There are times when a father has to do the right thing instead of the fun thing. Last week, Ashley and Mallorie came home with Pinewood Derby cars. Dakota was extremely impressed and wanted a car of his own. For five days straight, all I heard was, “Dad, I want a car.” Now I can usually withstand Dakota’s inquisitive nature, but this time he was relentless. So off we went to the store to buy a block of wood and start carving....

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In Search of Matt’s Scalp

It has been an interesting day to say the least. In Scottsdale, the Phoenix Open golf tournament is being held and several of us from work decided to go. The tournament doesn’t actually start until Thursday but today was the celebrity Skins game. Playing were former Toronto Blue Jays infielder and Phoenix Suns basketball coach Danny Ainge, legendary rocker Alice Cooper, and the Diamondbacks Randy Johnson and Matt Williams. With three...

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Lessons of Baseball

Tonight, Mallorie notified us that there was an orientation for all incoming Freshman at the local high school and oh by the way we were supposed to attend. Did she mention that it started in 10 minutes? I would have gotten upset, but this has become a normal occurrence in our house and I have come to expect it. I keep telling Trina this is the reason I had to have a Camaro Z28 that will do 150 MPH. Trina still doesn’t buy it but at least...

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