Today I received a letter from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I eagerly tore the letter open to see what the team had to say. In the envelope was an order form for spring training tickets at Tucson Electric Park. Tickets for spring training will go on sale January 20th but as a season ticket holder, I am able to order tickets a few days before. I grabbed the calendar and began to calculate how many days of work I would be able to miss to spend at the ballpark. It became obvious that I needed to ask for more vacation time if this was going to work out. Trina just shook her head as she came it the living room to find me with papers and calendars sprawled out on the floor. She said it looked like I was making battle plans for some sort of military invasion. She also reminded me that spring training did not officially start until February 16 with the first game being March 2. According to her calculations, I still had 59 days to complete the “honey do” list and from the looks of the list, it would take that long to finish. So I put my letter back in my pocket. I would make ticket plans after everyone went to bed tonight. Now where was I? Oh yeah, “honey do” item number seventeen, take down Christmas decorations and put them in the garage.

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