“Dad, you got a big envelope in the mail today. It’s from the Diamondbacks.” When my daughter Mallorie made that statement over the phone, she may as well have gone to the roof of the Gotham City police station and turned on the bat-signal. I hung up my phone at work and grabbed my coat. Everyone in the office turned as I sprinted for the door. There was no time to spare, lives may hang in the balance. The family acted as a well oiled machine as I got home. It was a scene reminicent of the Boston Marathon. I ran through the door one child met me with a drink. I took two swallows, dumped the remaining contents on my head and tossed away the empty cup. There was no time to spare. I reached the kitchen counter in record time. I peered at the envelope through Gatorade filled eyes (make a note to check the glass before I empty it on my head next time). I opened the letter. Just as I thought, the seats for the 2000 season have been assigned. I looked at the page in front of me. I am sitting in Section 133 Row 16, Seats 13-14. Excellent, prime foul ball territory. Last year I caught three foul balls there. This is going to be fun. I now have my seats, well I have half of my seats. The Diamondbacks still own the other half until they are paid. The deadline is January 31. It is now starting to feel like spring. Maybe I better go take a shower. My eyelids are beginning to stick shut from the Gatorade.

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