Today I went down to Bank One Ballpark. The stadium is playing host to the Arizona boat show. I have no interest in boats but this did give me a chance to hang out on the field. I was excited to go down and wander around. I wasn’t quit sure what to expect. I was shocked and horrified to see boats stacked end-to-end on the playing field. Wandering back and forth across the outfield were rednecks wearing rubber hip boots. Babe Ruth would roll over in his grave if he saw this. I tried hard not to freak out as I saw a giant tank where the pitcher’s mound should be. There were guys fishing in this tank while people sat in the seats cheering them on. The only thing missing from this scene was a couple of trailers, a dozen dogs, three or four cars up on blocks, and maybe a tornado warning. This was not a crowd I probably ever would see at a baseball game. Then again, they were probably saying the same thing. I probably would look out of place with my Diamondbacks jersey and scorebook standing out in the middle of a stream. Not to mention that my Nikes would be a little soggy. Sometimes we have to endure strange and unusual circumstances in order to hang out at the old ballpark. I am just grateful I didn’t catch a Lunker Lure Biffle Triple Rattleback Jig in the head when the casting demonstration was going on.

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