Movie Marathon

January is always the darkest month for a baseball fan. It is far enough away from last season to make you begin to forget what happened and it is close enough to Spring Training to make you think it will never come. This is the time when most of the free agents have signed or determined where they will sign and teams are not willing to deal until Spring Training starts. This coupled with the fact that the only thing there is to watch on television is football and college basketball. I am beginning to pace the floor waiting for baseball. I think I have hit rock bottom. This afternoon I watched the Disney movie Angels in the Outfield and actually began to root for Anaheim. The sad part of this is that I have seen that movie about a hundred times. At least it was baseball. Oh how I long for the game of the week. If only I would have gotten the express written consent of Major League Baseball and the Arizona Diamondbacks so that I could rebroadcast the entirety or a part of the telecast of a single Diamondbacks baseball game. Curse the commissioner’s office and his legal cronies! Now where did I put that DVD of A League of Their Own. Nothing quite says baseball like Madonna.

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