My off-season education continued again today. It was kind of cold outside as the temperature only got to the mid-sixties. (Hey, it was cold to us so I don’t want to hear any comments from anyone. You don’t hear me questioning your stories about how you fought polar bears on your way to school with your spiral notebooks.) So instead of playing outside, Dakota and I decided to play catch in the house. Now growing up, my mother used to give me a lot of advice. I learned there were millions of starving kids in China that would kill for half-eaten lima beans. I know that if I make a weird face that it will freeze that way. I am well aware of the consequences of putting house flies in the microwave. But mostly, I was told never to play ball in the house. As I have grown older (notice I did not say up), I have challenged each of these rules. Today was my final test. Dakota and I set up across the room and began to quietly throw the ball back and forth. It seemed innocent enough, but one thing led to another and I must have gotten a little carried away. I threw the ball to Dakota and he should have caught it, but he didn’t. Instead, it bounced off of his little head and went straight for the Precious Moments figurine. Now I have watched enough baseball that I should have been able to do a diving catch at the wall, but after hurdling Dakota and sliding face first into the couch, I barely missed the catch. It seems the figurine isn’t quite so precious any more. I think that little girl looks perfectly ok without a head but I seem to be the only one. I spent the remainder of the day attempting to remove Super Glue from between my stuck fingers while staring at a headless girl with a duck. I am pretty disappointed in the Super Glue company. Her head won’t stay attached. On the commercial, that guy’s hard hat was stuck to the bottom of that girder and it worked great. Maybe if I stuck a G.I. Joe helmet on the Precious Moments doll it would work. That is enough writing, it is hard to type with only eight fingers.

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