After my bedding purchasing experience, I thought Trina had learned her lesson. Surely, she would understand that my help in redecorating is less than optimum. But no, this episode was far from over. When I got home from work, there she stood, purse in hand. “Where are we going, The Team Shop?” I asked. “No, we need to get paint for the kids room.” Paint for the kids room? Last I saw it already had paint. A pretty shade of white if memory serves me correctly. That did not add enough color I was told. Well, I can solve that problem in a hurry. A trip to the closet to retrieve the bucket of crayons and five minutes alone in a bedroom without supervision should solve this dilemma quickly and painlessly. My suggestion was met with the steely gaze usually reserved for the children when they try their hand at gardening using Trina’s good silverware. I know when I am beat and grudgingly go to the store. Now the good news was that she couldn’t get paint at Wal-Mart. I personally don’t have anything against Wal-Mart, but picking out paint while goldfish look over your shoulder is just a little bit creepy. After countless hours and stores and digging through paint chips matching colors, I thought I was going to die. If God is merciful, he would let me impale myself on a paint stir stick and end my misery peacefully and quickly. No such luck. What is worse, she wants me to take a day of vacation tomorrow to paint the room. I don’t think she realizes that spring training games start in 44 days. I am going to need all of that vacation.

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