All winter long, we have heard about Ken Griffey Jr. and his desire to be traded. First it was that he wanted to be closer to his Florida home, then it was that he only would accept a trade to Cincinnati. Well, the lottery is over, and I know the winner. Me. That’s right, I am the new owner of the Kid. I know what your’re thinking, you’re thinking I am crazy. That maybe I have been sniffing a little to many paint fumes. But you’re wrong, and I can prove it. I have a receipt. Today on my way home from work, I decided to celebrate my one day a year off from thinking about baseball by getting myself a gift. I went over to Best Buy and picked up Ken Griffey Jr.’s Slugfest for the Color GameBoy. I could hardly wait to get home and pop it in the machine. I eagerly unwrapped it and started this bad boy up. Wow, me the owner of the player everyone is calling the best that ever played the game. I didn’t want to be cheated out of even one second so I even put new batteries in the GameBoy before I started. Junior swaggered up to the plate, I now controlled his every move. The pitch came and I patiently watched it go by for a called strike. The second pitch was delivered and Griffey swung fouling the ball off down the third base line. The third pitch was belt-high right down the middle and Junior took a mighty cut. Strike three! This game sucks. I turned it off and sat in the living room with my hat down over my eyes.

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