A New Year Dawns

Another New Year is upon us and I am sitting at the computer surfing the Internet in search of baseball. It has been 82 days since Todd Pratt ended the Diamondbacks play-off run with his game-winning home run. I think I am over being depressed at that and I am now looking forward to spring training, which starts in 46 days. I find I am missing being at Bank One Ballpark. Last week I went down to Friday’s Front Row Grill for lunch just so that I could see how the field is doing. I wish the Diamondbacks would install a web camera at the field just so that I could at least watch the grass grow or better yet, see who is working out at the stadium. I think I will have to go and take the Bank One Ballpark tour just so I can hang out at the stadium.

It seems this Y2K thing was a big bust. I was kind of hoping that there would be a little chaos around just for some excitement. I guess I kind of expected something like on the Nike commercial with zoo animals running the streets and ATM machines spewing money out like a crazed slot machine. Instead, the only excitement there has been was watching the cops give revelers sobriety tests. I do have to admit, some of those are pretty funny and would make a great series on the Fox network.

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