A Taxing Situation

After an emotion filled day yesterday, I am spent today. I could’t do anything if I wanted to. But that didn’t seem to be an excuse for Trina. She had me up early for my annual event of preparing the taxes. Exactly one day after my W2 arrives in the mail, I am required to have the taxes done. This year I have an incentive. Trina and I have an agreement. If I get them done and ready to be filed before the first of February, I can have a personalized Arizona Diamondbacks jersey. Well, she should have said that before. I will guarantee the IRS will have them before the clock strikes midnight. My hands fly through the forms, my mind a steel trap. Income items listed, columns totalled. Deductions identified, figures looked up in the tax tables. Ten hours later, I look up and see that it is no longer daylight but the taxes are finished. Now, I wonder which jersey I should get?

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