All the World Revolves Around Baseball

I sat in front of the television and tried desperately to get interested in the National Football League play-offs. I had missed the morning game but was able to see the NFC Championship game. The game began with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays roughing up the St. Louis Cardinals starting pitching for 3 runs. The Cardinals quickly came back in the bottom of the inning to score 3 themselves. The game remained tied until Tampa Bay threw one back, back, back, it’s out of the end zone! The Cardinals lead 5-3. The new found offensive power of the Devil Rays paid off when they scored three more runs to lead 6-5. This lead lasted until the bottom of the ninth with St. Louis down to their final out. Here’s the pitch, its back, way back down the line, it’s outta here! The St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays by the score of 11-6. Strange as it seems, 15 Major League Baseball teams scored more than the St. Louis Rams during a game last season and none of them are going to the Super Bowl.

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