Does This Bus Go to Mexico?

Every day now, I find myself surfing over to the Major League Baseball web site. There they have a section that gives the statistics and box scores for the Winter Leagues in Mexico and Latin America. Each day, I scour the statistics to see how the Diamondbacks players are doing. Is Durazo still hitting over .300? What about Rob Ryan and Rod Barajas? It is the one link I have to baseball during the winter. With the cold weather we are having in Phoenix (it was only 65 degrees today), maybe we should think about heading south this winter. I have seen enough Snow Birds driving around town that I know the drill. Set my blinker to continuous flash for a left turn and drive 30 MPH below the posted speed limit. I could do that. Now, if I can talk Trina into a trip to Hermosillo. I hear it is nice down there. So what if we don’t speak Spanish, we’re Americans. All we have to do is talk REAL LOUD and everyone will understand us just fine. Having driven in Mexico before, I think we should leave the car here. I’ll bet Greyhound goes to Mexico. Besides, you meet such interesting clientele when you travel by bus. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the family will go for this. It will be such an adventure.

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