Hasta La Vista, John Boy

My friend John Fischer moved away today. He and his family are moving to Denver Colorado. He and I have known each other for three years and have become pretty close. He only had two vices, one he was a Denver Broncos fan and made sure everyone knew it. Second, he was cursed. This was not your normal everyday curse, this was huge! During the inaugural season of the Diamondbacks, John went to nearly 20 games. At each of those games, the Diamondbacks lost. He and I tried everything to break this curse. We looked up mojo on the Internet and tried several things to break the streak of bad luck he was giving the team. He doesn’t know this, but I even went so far as to go to his house in the dead of the night and dance the mojo dance and bury a chicken (all I could get that late was KFC) in his front yard. In 1999, his streak continued. It got so bad that fans would send John to get beer just so the game would be close. John is a great guy and I will miss his company and his sense of humor. But I won’t miss the extended losing streaks that he caused. As a last farewell, we went to lunch at Bank One Ballpark and he got to look around one last time. It’s been a great run John, now go and destroy the Colorado Rockies hopes for a pennant!

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