Have Remote Will Vegetate

After getting the letter yesterday about spring training, I have really got the bug to see some baseball. I scanned the satellite dish looking at over 200 channels trying to find a baseball game on television. I realize that I probably could have looked in the the satellite guide (Trina reminds me of this fact about every 10 stations), but what is the fun of that. I think that man as a species has never gotten over our need to hunt. Whether it be hunting big game on safari or hunting baseball games on the Satellite. Searching a television guide is more of a gathering activity. Real men would not stand for that. Besides, guys dig buttons more than they dig documentation. Explaining my fascination with remote controls and arguing about the finer points of battery life of a Duracell AAA did little to solve my dilemma of finding a baseball game. Three hours later, all I found was the Sugar Bowl (which I thought should be something on the Food Network). Maybe I will go over to the electronics store and see if they have a bigger satellite dish.

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