Hey There Bubba, Seen My Ford?

I’m sitting around watching television, waiting for the Simpsons to start when a commercial came on announcing the big Monster Truck rally being held next weekend at Bank One Ballpark. It is hard to believe that three months ago, the BOB was filled with a capacity crowd cheering on the Diamondbacks in the first play-off game in franchise history and now it would be filled with 50,000 fans cheering on large trucks that require ladders to get into. The fan base would seem to be substantially different as well. I can only envision what it will be like next Saturday. Men who are having trouble sitting down in their seats. Beer guts hanging over, belt buckles larger than dinner plates making comfortable seating even more difficult. As the commercial ended, I found myself thinking that there are some events at Bank One Ballpark that even I couldn’t force myself to attend. A fan has got to draw the line somewhere.

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