Lessons of Baseball

Tonight, Mallorie notified us that there was an orientation for all incoming Freshman at the local high school and oh by the way we were supposed to attend. Did she mention that it started in 10 minutes? I would have gotten upset, but this has become a normal occurrence in our house and I have come to expect it. I keep telling Trina this is the reason I had to have a Camaro Z28 that will do 150 MPH. Trina still doesn’t buy it but at least it gives me an excuse to squeal the tires now and again. We arrived at the school with 3 minutes to spare. I have always thought I should work for Federal Express not only do you get to drive real fast, you get to wear those cool shorts in the summer. The orientation was held in the auditorium. The meeting started with everyone rising for the National Anthem. It was then that I realized that song was the second most recognized song my kids know after Take Me Out to the Ballgame. People may say baseball is not educational but I beg to differ. Not only do you learn math skills by keeping score, and reading skills from watching the scoreboard, you also learn music appreciation. In fact, there is so much learning going on while you attend a baseball game, the schools should be offering credit. I may even suggest that extra credit be given for perfect attendance. As the song ended, I had the uncontrollable urge to yell play ball but I knew if I did, Trina would wring my neck.

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