QuePasa.com on!

Last year, the Diamondbacks implemented a new promotional program called the QuePasa.com crew. This group of individuals would wander around the stadium and attempt to entertain the fans between innings. There were eight or ten of these guys and girls. They had ring toss games where one of the QuePasa.com guys would wear a batting helmet with a bat stuck to the top and you the fans would try to throw a donut on top of their heads. In most cases, these guys were just real annoying since they would throw things into the stands which caused people to get whacked with shirts, donuts, basketballs, etc. If you were lucky enough to have one of these things thrown your direction, it usually resulted in 800 kids crawling over your seat to try and catch them before the prize got to you. Today, the Diamondbacks announced they are holding try-outs for the QuePasa.com crew at the end of February. I wonder if it would be possible to get Tonja Harding to put out a hit on these guys.

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