Working on the Chain Gang

After my attempted escape, the warden has me working on the chain gang. Although I don’t have leg irons on, I am still well aware of the consequences should I try another escape. I am again in the bedroom painting. You would think that if we could put a man on the moon, we would be able to make paint that would cover using one coat. While Trina left me alone I decided to be a little creative with the paint. I mean, if you have to do work, you should at least make it fun, right? I guess not. When Trina returned, I had painted half the room making foul lines, a pitchers mound, batters box, scoreboard. I thought it was pretty cool. Obviously I was alone in that thought. Within 5 minutes, she had covered up what had taken me an hour to do. What is up with that? With the painting all complete, I am stuck waiting for paint to dry. I didn’t think anything took longer than Armando Reynoso pitching a 9 inning game, but I was wrong. I don’t know whether it was boredom from watching paint dry or whether it was the fumes but I could have sworn that I saw the ghost of Babe Ruth dancing on the kids beds dressed as that funky dancing baby that circulated the web a couple of years ago. That is a vision that would have you removed from the Hall of Fame should the baseball writers ever see it.

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