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Once Every Four Years

February 29, the day that reminds us that everyone makes mistakes. I mean, if the time and calendar guys can’t figure out exactly how long a year is, why should we care that we make a few mistakes or don’t know everything we should. This day is always a day of retrospect for me. I take time to ponder all the things I don’t understand. Now I don’t profess to be a rocket scientist, and there are more than a few things that...

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I’ve Been Drafted

There are a handful of days that stand out in a baseball fan’s life, Spring Training report day, first Spring Training game, Opening Day, All-Star break, first day of the playoffs, first World Series game, and Fantasy Baseball draft day. Well, today was one of those days. It was the annual draft for the Cactus League Cast-offs fantasy league and I was prepared and ready to go. Looking at the draft order, I was in uncharted territory. I...

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A Boy and His Dog

One of the reasons I decided to get a dog was for Dakota. Having never been around dogs in his life, he was one scared two-year-old. I couldn’t let him be afraid of a dog. We had looked at a lot of breeds but none seemed to fit as much as a Basset Hound. My grandpa once described these dogs as half a dog high and two dogs long. Anything this funny looking could never breed fear in a child. So far, Dakota has proven me wrong. If Dog Dot...

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Heroes and Cubs

Today, I took the kids to the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Fan Fest at the Maryvale stadium. We had a lot of fun as the kids were able to obtain several of the Milwaukee Brewers player’s autographs. Tiffany took part in an on-field baseball clinic sponsored by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. There she was able to receive instruction and tips from several former players on different aspects of the game. She had a...

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Man’s Best Friend

We lived in Idaho before moving to Arizona six years ago. While living there, we owned two Basset Hounds. The first was a male that I bought for Trina for our first anniversary, his name was Bandit. Bandit lived to be eleven years old before we had to have him put to sleep due to an injury he sustained. A year after his passing, we bought another Basset Hound. I was not yet ready for another dog but after a lot of coaxing by the family, I...

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Fantasy Baseball Tune-up

Besides never missing a Diamondbacks home game, I do have other interests. I am also involved in a couple of Fantasy Baseball Leagues. This is usually difficult for me since I struggle when one of my Fantasy players are playing against the Diamondbacks. Last year, it got so bad that Trina made me trade a couple of players and promise not to play anyone against the Diamondbacks during games that she was attending. She seems to think that I get a...

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What Did You Say?

Trina of course had plans for this evening and once again these plans did not include me. I was once again asked to keep the three younger kids (Tiffany, Whitney, and Dakota) while Trina went out with the two older girls (Ashley and Mallorie). Her last words as she walked out the door were, “The kids have not eaten and they need to be in bed early.” Well, that is what she claimed she said. What I actually heard was, “Take the...

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Take a Seat

For all the grief I give Trina, she has got to be the greatest wife a guy could ever have. Sometimes I portray her as less than sympathetic but given that she has to put up with me every day, she is a saint. I’m sure that in most cases, she believes she has six children rather than five kids and a husband. For the past several months, I have been constantly bugging her. Through a lot of detective work, I have found the business which made...

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If I Were President

As President’s Day arrives, I am reminded of my time in Elementary School. Of course back then, we actually celebrated two birthdays. George Washington first and then Abraham Lincoln. With each birthday, we would dress up in period costumes made of colored construction paper and make hats. My favorite was the three corner hat. I always seemed to get in trouble though when I attempted to chop down the trees out in front of the school. The...

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