Cooking with Gas

I’m sitting in a meeting this afternoon when I received a page from Trina. “Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a bouncing baby Hewlett Packard 9690c Computer!” That message brought a tear to my eyes. I have been waiting what seems like an eternity for my new computer to arrive. What started two months ago as a search to see if there was something a little faster and a little bigger on which I could develop Now Hitting web pages ended up with the purchase of a massive home computer system capable of streaming live video to the web. I rushed home from work and tore into the boxes. I pulled the cobalt blue case out and admired it. My first reaction was, wouldn’t have been cool if it were Diamondback purple. As I started to set it up, I immediately began customizing the computer. First thing to go was the sleek mouse that HP had sent. Although it was cool, it did not compare to my Arizona Diamondbacks mouse. I then booted the system and immediately installed the baseball theme and my Arizona Diamondbacks background and screen saver. Well, it is now starting to look like a real computer. All I have left to do now is install 27 software packages and transfer my files from one PC to the other. I should be done just about the time spring training starts next Friday.

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