Diamondbacks Magazine

As a special favor to me today, the kids all in unison went down to the mail box (Dakota of course had to wear his snow gear just to be like Dad) to gather the mail. I of course was still sprawled out on the floor. Partly from exhaustion due to staying up all night playing on the new computer and partly from shock that the kids were getting the mail without being asked. When they came back, the marched in parading by size through the front door singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, our family national anthem. Dakota being the smallest was first in line. Above his head he carefully held the February copy of the Diamondbacks Magazine. He approached me and held out his little hands which were carefully holding this precious gift. I felt much like Joseph must have when the three wise men brought gifts celebrating the birth of the Christ child. I accepted his gift and ran to the one quiet room in the house and began reading. I emerged three hours later, a peaceful solitude about my countenance. Much like a drug addict, I have once again gotten my fix of Diamondbacks information. I should be able to survive another month until the next issue arrives.

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