Fantasy Baseball Tune-up

Besides never missing a Diamondbacks home game, I do have other interests. I am also involved in a couple of Fantasy Baseball Leagues. This is usually difficult for me since I struggle when one of my Fantasy players are playing against the Diamondbacks. Last year, it got so bad that Trina made me trade a couple of players and promise not to play anyone against the Diamondbacks during games that she was attending. She seems to think that I get a little crazy when I have Diamondbacks players playing against Fantasy players. I would have to agree with her. Today, the leagues I am involved with filled up which means it is time for the draft. My first draft is scheduled for Monday morning while the other draft is on Wednesday. I went to the book store tonight and bought every stats book I could find that covered the 1999 baseball season. I will be hovered around the computer developing draft strategies for the next several days, trying to find that elusive secret weapon that will propel my team into first place. Fantasy baseball is one of the great inventions of the twentieth century. The ability for fans to own and operate their own franchises is the ultimate dream. Now let me see, if I have the first pick in the draft, should I go for starting pitching or an awesome hitter?

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