Have a Seat

After a long day at work, I came home to find Trina and the kids working on the house getting everything all cleaned up. At first I panicked. Usually when this amount of cleaning is being done, it usually means we are going to have company. I’m not sure I can deal with out of town guests right now. Trina assured me that was not the case. I was confused. I knew something was up, I just didn’t know what. Trina and the kids brought me the newspaper with the sports page on top and a cold pop. Now I was really worried. Then Trina laid it on me. “You know, the couch in the living room is really showing it wear. Perhaps we should think about replacing it.” Now I am not one to start an argument, I am also not one to roll over and agree. “Sure” I said, “I know just the thing for this room.” I did too. I had recently found the company that made the seats for Bank One Ballpark. It would be awesome if we got a row of seats and set them in the living room. Not only that, we could eliminate the end tables too. Each seat comes with its own beverage holder. This would be perfect. The green seats would even match the curtains. I had everything covered. By this time, I was getting really excited. I would be the envy of everyone in Section 133. But before I could savor the mental image, Trina shot me down. There is no way we are getting ballpark seats for the living room. If I attempted such a purchase, I would find myself sleeping in those seats. Disenchanted, I felt it better that I let this battle lay for a while. She probably would have flipped anyway when I started throwing peanut shells on the floor.

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