Hey Buddy, Need Tickets?

Tomorrow single game tickets go on sale to the general public. Today they go on sale to season ticket holders and members of the Diamondbackers Frequent Fang program. I had long decided that I would take the whole family to Opening Day this year so I loaded Trina into the car and headed down to Bank One Ballpark. I didn’t really think to much about it. I mean, how many people could there really be waiting for tickets on a Friday morning. Evidently, there are a lot. We parked at the ballpark and walked towards the ticket windows. It was then I realized that perhaps I had misjudged the turn out. The line seemed to stretch longer than a game pitched by Armando Reynoso. When we finally reached the end of the line, it had stretched from one end of the block, around the corner to the other end of the stadium. We were well past the entrance to Friday’s Front Row grill and the hopes of obtaining tickets to opening day were quickly fading. I’m sure Trina was not real thrilled about spending the morning and most of the afternoon standing in line but she held up like the trooper that she is. I on the other hand became bored early and left line on numerous occasions to check things out. I went into Friday’s so that I could look over the field. The grass is completely gone and they are preparing to re-sod maybe as early as next week. I went to the team shop and looked around making Trina a list for my upcoming birthday. I stopped by the ball sculpture in the plaza to watch the balls roll around and bounce from section to section. After waiting in line for the equivalent of an Andy Benes complete game (2 hours 47 minutes), we finally made our way to the ticket window. I meekly asked, “Do you have any tickets left to opening day?” “Yes”, the Ticket Representative said, “Where would you like to sit?” “I don’t care, I already have tickets.” I replied only to be not-so-gently nudged by my wife. “Oh, I mean what is the best available seating you have because nothing is to good for my family.” I proclaimed. At that point, Trina decided she had better take over negotiations before this got out of hand. We were able to obtain tickets in Section 319, Row 16-17, Seats 1-3. I attempted to help telling the Ticket Representative, “I spoke to Luis Gonzalez last week, he said to mention his name and you would upgrade our seats.” After much laughter, he stated, “Good one. I saw Luis just yesterday and he didn’t mention you.” Rats, that never works. If I ever do meet Luis Gonzalez I am going to ask him for a note to help me get tickets. I don’t want a favor, I just want to see the look on the face of the customer service people when I show it to them. Upon getting the tickets, I did the Spring Training jig at the ticket window, kissed the tickets, and thanked the stunned Ticket Representative before leaving. Trina merely stood there in shock, her face red from embarrassment. Now I just have to wait 46 days for the game to get here.

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