I Need a Promotion

While down at Bank One Ballpark yesterday, members of the Diamondbacks community relations department were walking along the line of people waiting to buy tickets and handing out a preliminary list of promotional dates the Diamondbacks would be having this year. I collected a copy of this and went about my business not thinking much more about it. When I got home, the I placed the list on the kitchen counter and worked on the camera. Today, I was sitting reading the paper when I noticed someone standing in front of me. Looking up, I saw Mallorie standing there with the promotions listing in her hand. “Where did you get this?” she asked. I explained that they were handing them out at the ballpark. As I was telling the story, Tiffany and Ashley joined into the conversation. By the time I had finished recounting the events from yesterday, all of the kids were standing there in front of me. I was impressed that my story telling ability could gather such a crowd, then I realized that they had quit listening to me a long time ago. They were now jockeying for position to try and see what was being given away at which game. They were now each yelling dibs for specific games and trading dates with each other while calculating the amount of swag they were going to collect. During all of this, Trina was standing in the back, reading the calendar yelling days of the week as the kids called out dates. She was quickly writing names to the dates as they were finalized. The entire sight was comical to watch. During it all, Dakota sat on my lap looking up at me with his Diamondbacks hat on. “I want to go to the ballgame dad.” I’m beginning to think I should have stood in line and got a few more tickets yesterday.

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