I’ve Been Drafted

There are a handful of days that stand out in a baseball fan’s life, Spring Training report day, first Spring Training game, Opening Day, All-Star break, first day of the playoffs, first World Series game, and Fantasy Baseball draft day. Well, today was one of those days. It was the annual draft for the Cactus League Cast-offs fantasy league and I was prepared and ready to go. Looking at the draft order, I was in uncharted territory. I had the number three pick in the draft. It means that after Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson are picked, it is up to me to set the tone of the draft. Do I go for the number three best pitcher or do I stock my team with high-octane hitters? Such a quandary. I paced the floor trying to solidify my strategy. As the commissioner called my name, I was on the clock. I settled with a strategy that would send ripples among the other owners. I selected Alex Rodriguez with my pick. This sent the other owners scrambling to pick up the other high-powered shortstops and when the first round was finished, the only positions drafted were starting pitchers and shortstops. I was now in a groove. I began picking hitter after hitter, not drafting a pitcher until the fourth round. When all twenty-five rounds were complete, my roster looked like this:

Catchers Jason Kendall (PIT), Todd Hundley (LA)

First Basemen Carlos Delgado (TOR), Mo Vaughn (ANA)

Second Basemen Edgardo Alfonzo (NYM), Jeff Kent (SF)

Third Basemen Jeff Cirillo (COL), Troy Glaus (ANA)

Shortstop Alex Rodriguez (SEA), Miguel Tejada (OAK)

Outfielders Ken Griffey Jr. (CIN), Brian Jordan (ATL), Barry Bonds (SF), Jeromy Burnitz (MIL), Roger Cedeno (HOU), Moises Alou (HOU)

Starting Pitchers Tom Glavine (ATL), Brad Radke (MIN), Al Leiter (NYM), Roger Clemens (NYY), Livian Hernandez (SF), Kris Benson (PIT), Brian Anderson (AZ)

Relief Pitchers Trevor Hoffman (SD), Jeff Shaw (LA)

As the draft ended, I felt pretty good with my selections. My pitching isn’t quite what I had in mind before the draft, but they should be respectable. This was a good day.

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