Man’s Best Friend

We lived in Idaho before moving to Arizona six years ago. While living there, we owned two Basset Hounds. The first was a male that I bought for Trina for our first anniversary, his name was Bandit. Bandit lived to be eleven years old before we had to have him put to sleep due to an injury he sustained. A year after his passing, we bought another Basset Hound. I was not yet ready for another dog but after a lot of coaxing by the family, I relented on the condition that I got to name the dog. When we brought our new puppy home, I named him Bone Crusher. The kids were horrified and determined to call him BC for short. That didn’t quite fit him so I added to his name and he became Bone Crusher Hammer Man or BC Hammer for short. When we decided to move to Arizona, we did not have a place for BC so we decided to sell him. It just so happened that the people who came to look at the dog also liked the house and bought them both. On moving day, we said good-bye to BC, sent him to the backyard and moved out. The other owners moved in and let BC back into the house. To this day the dog is probably trying to figure out what happened. As we moved to Arizona, Trina vowed to never have another dog. She and BC were not exactly on speaking terms when they left. The kids and I had asked for a new dog but Trina has always put her foot down on this subject. That is, until today. We were shopping for my brother’s birthday present when we happened to walk by a pet store. There in the window was the cutest little female Basset Hound we had ever seen. After holding her for a while, we decided maybe it was time to have another dog. I once again made the stipulation that I got to name the dog. After the last round, the family was less lenient and decided they had a veto vote on the name I chose. After working through all of the baseball terms I had, I could not come up with an appropriate name. Each suggestion I had was met with a resounding no. Squeeze Bunt was denied as were Homer, Grand Slam, and Infield Fly Rule. In desparation, I came up with a brilliant name, I will call her It is perfect, or so I thought. Trina and the kids were horrified at the name. I tried to explain that she would be the first dog in the AKC with her own domain name but they were apalled. As a compromise, I have agreed to allow them to call her Dottie. Besides, that is the name of the main character of A League of Their Own, a baseball movie about women’s baseball. I’ll have to give this more thought but I think I may have a winner.

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