Once Every Four Years

February 29, the day that reminds us that everyone makes mistakes. I mean, if the time and calendar guys can’t figure out exactly how long a year is, why should we care that we make a few mistakes or don’t know everything we should. This day is always a day of retrospect for me. I take time to ponder all the things I don’t understand. Now I don’t profess to be a rocket scientist, and there are more than a few things that confuse me. For example, we can develop a microwave oven that heats things from frozen to steaming in 1 minute flat and yet we can’t develop a reverse microwave that will take things from steaming hot to frozen solid in the same amount of time. Another one that always confused me was why hot dogs are sold in packages of 12 while hot dog buns are sold in packages of 8? Are there really 4 people who don’t want their hot dogs surrounded by bread? If so, what do these people do at the ballgame? I have eaten my share of hot dogs at the game and I have never seen anyone ask the vendor for a dog without a bun. Where do these people live? The other thing that always bothered me was why all beverages only come in even servings? Every can of pop, juice, water, regardless of the size of the container is always an even number ounces. Could this be what happened to all of my elementary school classmates that were absent the day we learned about odd numbers? I’m telling you, don’t try to buck the system on this one. I have tried on numerous occasions and people just don’t want to deal with it. Don’t take my word for it though, try it next time you go out to eat. Ask the waitress for a 15 ounce beverage, not a 12 ounce nor a 16 ounce, tell her you want 15 ounces. She will completely freak out. I have had more waitresses go on break while serving my table than I care to remember. At first I thought it was a coincidence that they went on break while I was eating so I started going to restraunts and different times. Sure enough, they would take my order, I would request an odd number of ounces in my drink and the next thing I knew they were on break and a new waitress would complete my order. I cannot prove it, but I think they were just having problems with the odd number of ounces in my drink. There are many of these imponderables that I hope to explore. It’s probably a good thing this day only comes once every four years.

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