Post Cards from Paradise

After a hard day, I made my way home. As I sat down on the couch Trina yells from the kitchen. “Hey Nanook the mail is on the counter!” Well, it seems my demonstration did have some lasting effect since I didn’t have to beg for the mail today. I reached the pile and began rummaging through it. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the worst. If I see one more add for carpet cleaning, I think I am going to Ralph! Then I came to a stack of cards. Each card was the same. White 3 X 5 inch cards with Phoenix postmarks scrawled across the front. In the upper left hand corner was the familiar logo of the Arizona Diamondbacks. I grabbed them and leafed through them. There were cards for each member of the family and two for me. I eagerly turned them over to see what was on them. There was the announcement I had been waiting for. Single game tickets will go on sale in the next two weeks for the 2000 season. When I read that I got so excited that I yelled and threw the cards straight in the air. Everyone in the house came running from every room in the house to see what was going on. There they found me in the dining room postcards floating around the room like confetti. In the middle, I was dancing a little jig in circles like some crazed leprechaun. Baseball season was finally coming close. I could almost taste the hot dogs. I think we need to celebrate this occasion. A trip to the team shop is in order.

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