Take a Seat

For all the grief I give Trina, she has got to be the greatest wife a guy could ever have. Sometimes I portray her as less than sympathetic but given that she has to put up with me every day, she is a saint. I’m sure that in most cases, she believes she has six children rather than five kids and a husband. For the past several months, I have been constantly bugging her. Through a lot of detective work, I have found the business which made the seats for Bank One Ballpark. Given that I have sat in these seats and watched 166 games so far, you would think I would be tired of them. On the contrary, I find myself missing my seat and wishing I could get into the ballpark just to hang around in them. Trina has been asking for a new dining room set for quite some time and our chairs are getting pretty bad. I have suggested in the past that we get some Diamondback seats and set them around the table. I thought it would be pretty cool. I was alone in that thought. Regardless, I have been relentless in efforts to get some of these seats for the house. After all, I already have the seat cushions so they would be quite comfortable. Today was the last straw. Trina needed to take some film in to be developed but she needed directions to get to the photo lab. She called from her cell phone and I walked her through directions. Little did she know that the directions I gave her actually sent her to the seat manufacturer (hey, it was on the way for crying out loud!) At first, she saw little humor in this situation but in the end, she exacted her revenge. She bought two seats as a surprise for my birthday next month. She brought them home and set them up so that I could see them. She placed them so that there is no way I can get to them until my birthday so now I have to sit and look at them for three weeks without touching them. This is almost more than a guy can stand. Regardless, I still love her. Now if only she would allow me to make the roof on our house retract. That would be way cool!



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