Tunes to Tame Wild Beasts

Dakota awoke this morning with a fever. I guess I get elected to stay home from church with him. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to watch Tarzan five times in a row. I am beginning to root for Clayton to kill every gorilla on the screen. When the closing credits again ran, I talked Dakota into taking a ride in hopes that he would calm down. I put his jacket on and we got into the Suburban. As we started driving, Dakota asked if we could listen to some music. Since most of the radio stations were playing garbage, I turned to the CD. As the music started, Dakota and I began to get very excited. I could name this tune in seven notes. I have heard this song so many times and yet I never get tired of it. It is the roof opening music at Bank One Ballpark. As it starts, I reach for the electric window controls and begin lowering all of the windows in the Surburban. Dakota just loves that and he makes me play the song over and over. We laughed until we were both tired. I turned the car around and as I lowered and raised the windows for the tenth time, Dakota fell asleep. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

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