What Did You Say?

Trina of course had plans for this evening and once again these plans did not include me. I was once again asked to keep the three younger kids (Tiffany, Whitney, and Dakota) while Trina went out with the two older girls (Ashley and Mallorie). Her last words as she walked out the door were, “The kids have not eaten and they need to be in bed early.” Well, that is what she claimed she said. What I actually heard was, “Take the kids to McDonalds and then you can take them to the store and get some treats.” While Trina was gone, the kids and I went out to play. We stopped at McDonald’s and ate Happy Meals until the smile on our faces became permanent. From there we went over to the mall and checked out the new sporting goods before ending the night with a trip to Krispy Kreme donuts for a last minute snack. We were all in a great mood and never wanted to see the evening end. When we finally got home, there were the three older members of the family standing at the garage door waiting for us. “Where have you been?” we were asked. As I explained all the places we went, I could see Trina’s patience become less and less. Now given that I had shown the kids such a good time, I felt that I had the upper hand. After all, they would never turn on their dad in the face of a little adversity would they? You better believe it. By the time they got done, they were singing like song birds turning states evidence against their father. To hear them tell it, I had held them at gun point and forced them to each candy while they begged to please have vegetables and other nutritional foods. I could see there was no way to win this, I guess I will listen to the lecture and call it a night. On an up note, a couple more nights like tonight and I should be eliminated from having to baby-sit ever again.

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