Posts made in March, 2000

Weekend at BOB’s

There are times it seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in Section 133 Row 16 Seat 13 watching the Arizona Diamondbacks winning their first play-off game in franchise history. There are other times when it seems like forever since I was watching a game at BOB. Well, my wait is finally over as the Diamondbacks play host to the Boston Red Sox tonight and tomorrow. I can hardly wait for the game to start. I had a hard time sleeping last...

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The Gift of the Diamondbacks

As I got home today, the kids had once again forgotten to get the mail. I have been through this fight so many times I have just given up. Instead of even asking, I decided to just get the mail myself. With the keys in my hand I walked down to the box. Getting the mail is a lot like playing the lottery. There is always a chance that something cool will come but in most cases you just find bills. I like to build up the anticipation of getting...

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Farewell Cactus League 2000

It seemed like only yesterday that I was awaiting the first game of spring training. Now here I sit watching the last Cactus League game of the 2000 series. It is sunny and 82 degrees, perfect weather for baseball. Down on the field during batting practice, Buck Showalter is surrounded by reporters trying to get one more sound bite on Matt Williams’s injury. Lenny Harris, Greg Colbrunn, and Andy Fox now find themselves a lot more popular...

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I Hate When That Happens

Today was my last hope of getting to a ballgame at Tucson Electric Park this year. It was the last home game of spring training for the Diamondbacks. I had planned to go down tomorrow but as I went to bed last night, it began to rain. I cannot explain it. The only days of rain we have had all spring are when I was going to the Diamondbacks game. This morning, I woke up early and sat at the window watching the sun come up to see if the weather...

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Bad Breaks of Spring

During the second inning of the final home spring training game at Tucson Electric Park, Matt Williams broke the second metatarsal bone in his right foot. Williams being the gamer that he is, completed the at bat by lining hard to the center fielder. After the out, Williams was taken to a local hospital for x-rays before returning to Phoenix to meet with team physicians. The break was a non-displacement injury meaning no surgery will be...

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Buy Me Some Sushi and Cracker Jacks

It never ceases to amaze me what bizarre turns Major League Baseball will take as time rolls on. Granted, I am not a traditionalist, in fact I thrive on change. But even I draw the lines somewhere. For example, I deplore the thoughts of a designated hitter. Baseball is a sport and should be played by athletes. Instead, the DH allows players with glaring deficiencies to continue to play the game. Now, the baseball powers that be have decided...

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And the Oscar Goes To

Once a year, the Academy Awards are presented to recognize the best performances in motion pictures for the past year. Now being a baseball fanatic, I rarely deviate from ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN Classic. But today happened to be different. I made the mistake of leaving the room and not taking the remote control with me. It turns out this was a grave mistake. While I was out of the room, Trina seized control of the television in a coup worthy of...

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For Sale, One Garage

As I got up this morning, I went downstairs like I do every day. Today was different. Instead of a table full of half eaten cereal bowls and loud and obnoxious children fighting over which cartoon we are going to watch next, I found myself in the house all alone. At first I thought perhaps they had been abducted by aliens and I quickly went to the phone book to look up the number for the FBI X-Files Division. As I walked past the table, I...

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Welcome to Yellowstone

After the heartache I had to endure yesterday, I had come to the conclusion that I would have to make up for it by going to another game today. The Diamondbacks were back in Tucson and would play host to the Colorado Rockies at Tucson Electric Park. I have yet to get to TEP so this would server a double purpose. As I got up this morning, plans were made. I would get Whitney out of school and take her, Dakota, and Trina to the game. Everything...

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