As I got to work today, I had the bandage on my ear from where Dog Dot Com tried to introduce another hole into my head. I must have had to recount the story about a hundred times. Each time as I finished, I had to endure the countless snickers and other smart aleck comments. I wish I had a dime for every time I was told I should change the dog’s name to Mike Tyson. I would now have enough money to completely pay for my season tickets and upgrade them to sit next to Jerry Colangelo. It did not help that my little brother attended yesterday’s game and had to tell me all about it in graphic detail. So today I vowed that I would take off this afternoon and go to a ball game. At this point, I didn’t even care if it was a Diamondbacks game. I would settle for watching the Oakland A’s play the Milwaukee Brewers, it just didn’t matter. So I had a plan. I would work all morning, endure the laughing and then bail out in the afternoon. I had my shorts, my hat and money for parking and a program. Everything was set, except I got swamped at work and was unable to get away. There I sat in my office looking out the window at the bright sunshine and blue sky. On the weather channel web page it said the high temperature would be in the mid-seventies, and I was stuck inside staring at a computer screen. I now know how a dog must feel when tied up outside a butcher store its leash long enough to look in the window but not long enough to do anything about it. If I don’t soon get to a ball game I am going to go nuts. Until then, the waiting continues. I guess I will go walk Cujo the wild dog. Maybe that will get my mind off of things.

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