Today began as another lion day (see, I do use this stuff). The rain and wind seemed to set the tone for my day. As I got up this morning, I went out and picked up the various newspapers scouring the sports pages for Diamondbacks news as I do every day. Today, I happened to pick up a copy of USA Today. On their sports page was an article on the proposed realignment of Major League Baseball. This is a subject that really irritates me. I am not a baseball purist, I do believe the game needs to evolve. If it were not for change, the Diamondbacks would not have a franchise. There are a few aberrations that have occurred in the history of the game. The most despicable would be the introduction of the designated hitter. I am a firm believer that as a steward of the game, Bud Selig’s job is to not offend the Baseball Gods. At present, They are very unhappy with the state of affairs. In my opinion, it is this deity displeasure that has led to baseball work stoppages and drops in attendance. There are many signs in the skies showing that the end is near. If we do not change our sinning ways, the Gods will visit us in their wrath. Their anger is already displaying itself in the equipment. When I was a kid, broken bats were few and far between. Gloves lasted for years and you only got new cleats if your feet grew. Now, bats last maybe three innings, players go through a new mitt every season, and some players wear new shoes every game. If Bud Selig and the owners allow travesties such as moving the Diamondbacks to the American League, the baseball Gods will have no choice but to curse the teams voting for such an injustice. I for one will lead the call for bad mojo. I have already started searching the Internet for voodoo sites to help with my curses. Before you scoff at such a notion, look at the power of the “Curse of the Bambino” in Boston or the “Curse of the Mule” in Chicago. I do not believe baseball should mess with the powers of the baseball Gods. I implore the commissioner to bring sanity back to the game, keep the Diamondbacks in the National League where they belong.

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