Today marked the second game the Diamondbacks would play this spring in Phoenix. I had tickets to the first one rained out on Monday so I had planned to attend this one. I was at work early so I could get everything done before lunch. As the time came near, my pager and phone became more vocal. It was like the Baseball Gods had conspired against me. Game time came and went and I was still sitting at my desk typing feverishly on the keyboard trying to get everything done. By the time I looked up, it was time to go home. I drug my tired body into the house where I was met by Tiffany’s shining face. “Dad, are you ready to go? Mom said you were taking me to gymnastics tonight.” Oh good, nothing I would rather do after missing a baseball game than sit in a stinky gym watching 10 year-old girls attempt the splits while mothers gush over them from the sidelines. My only ray of hope is knowing that tomorrow I am going to the Diamondbacks game in Tucson tomorrow.

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