Five years ago today, I eagerly awaited a press conference where Arizona was awarded a baseball franchise. As the televised conference was going on, I was at work. Trina on the phone to me repeating everything that was said so that I did not miss anything. That was a memorable moment in my life. Partly because I could now go to see Major League Baseball, partially because I now shared my birthday with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Each year since that date, I have received at least one item for my birthday that had a Diamondbacks logo emblazened upon it. Today was no exception. I received to seats from Bank One Ballpark, a personalized authentic jersey, a new Diamondbacks hat, and a Diamondbacks polo shirt. After the gift unwrapping, Trina, Dakota, and I headed to Tucson to see the Diamondbacks play the Seattle Mariners. We had gotten half way to Tucson when we encountered a traffic accident that had closed the freeway. After sitting in traffic for 3 hours, we were finally sent back to Phoenix. I pleaded with the police to let us through. I explained that my sanity depended upon my getting to the game. The policeman calmly stated, “Hit the road fan boy.” With that I was again shut out from the ball game. Dejected, I turned the car around and drove back to Phoenix. Not wanting to miss baseball completely today, I went to Phoenix Municipal Stadium and watched the Oakland Athletics play the Colorado Rockies. I am beginning to think that I am not to attend a Diamondbacks game this spring. Overall though, I would say this was one of my better birthdays.

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