There are certain days in one’s live that become defining moments that will forever be etched in your mind. This happens to be one of those days. Fifteen years ago, Trina and I were expecting our second child. We had just finished our last ultrasound the week before and found we were having a girl. We were both quite excited and awaited the day she would arrive. On this day, I was out of town on business and Trina was at home. She didn’t feel quite right and went to the doctor. He immediately admitted her to the hospital and began the delivery of our child. I was told of the event and rushed home on a plane to be with Trina. I arrived at the hospital just in time. As Lindsay was being born, a blood vessel in her umbilical cord burst causing her death. They say that time heals a broken heart. I used to believe that until I lost my daughter. I remember that day like it happened just yesterday. The emotions and the images still crystal clear in my mind. I remember the prayers that were offered, the faces of our loved ones as they gathered around us comforting us. I remember the numbness I felt as I had to choose the coffin where I would lay my daughter and the dress we picked out for her to wear this one last time. But most of all, I remember the weather and the bitter cold that enveloped me as I stood above her tiny grave bidding an Earthly farewell. I am an avid baseball fan who loves the game dearly. I would enjoy nothing more than to share a game with my daughter. Sitting her on my lap and showing her all the sights and sounds of the game. Remember honey, daddy loves you and misses you greatly.

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