In a strange scheduling twist, the Diamondbacks have two days off during spring training and they are both on Thursdays. Today happens to be one of those days. Now given I am such a fan, I naturally assumed that I had the day off too. I woke up this morning, and rolled over smacking the alarm clock across the room making a perfect basket in the Diamondbacks wastebasket. Of course the force used to hurl the clock ripped the clock out of the wall breaking the outlet cover in the process. When the clock came to rest in the bottom of the metal can, the noise woke the dead or in my case, Dakota. He immediately bound into the bedroom up for the day. Knowing my sleep was over, I drug myself out of bed. As I shuffled across the floor, Dakota took my place in bed. “Thanks a lot!” Trina said as I made my way to the shower. It was much to early for sarcasm. Dog Dot Com also heard the commotion and she began to howl. I decided after my clock stunt, if I were going to get any rest, I better go to work. So I got dressed and headed to the office leaving Trina to deal with the wild bunch. I can see that I’m probably in for trouble when I get home tonight.

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