In my rush out the door yesterday to get to the game, I forgot to pack the sun screen. Trina reminded of this fact ever half inning as we sat in the third base stands. That night when we got home, I took off my sunglasses and my jersey and got ready for bed. I didn’t look that bad, or so I thought. Something happened during the night because when I woke up, my skin had turned the color of a freshly boiled lobster. Everywhere I was red except around my eyes where I work my Oakley sunglasses. So I guess to be accurate, I looked like a really cool lobster that was wearing Oakley glasses. Trina and the kids took every opportunity to give me grief about my appearance. They also made sure that I was miserable by walking by and touching me to show each other that they could leave white finger prints on dad’s sun burn. I became a walking, whining science experiment. It didn’t matter though because I had gone to a Diamondbacks game and that was all that really counted. I spent this afternoon rubbing aloe gel on my skin and listening to the Arizona Diamondbacks game from Hermosillo Mexico. I should feel lucky, at least no one attempted to pour melted butter on me and chase me around the house with a tiny fork.

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