There are times that I wonder what I did before the Internet. Today happened to be one of those days. My normally reliable Internet connection decided it needed a break from the constant surfing and went walk-about for the better part of the day. This left me the technological equivalent of Gilligan. Granted, I didn’t have to share a hammock with an overweight co-worker who constantly referred to me as his “little buddy” but I was none the less stranded. I saw how long technical support kept Gilligan on hold after assuring him he would have service restored within a three hour window. After about an hour of not being able to get e-mail, update web pages, or surf in general, I began to wish I had access to someone like the professor. I mean, that guy was a genius when it came to coconut shells. I’m guessing that if I would have had him here, he could have fashioned a router and a network connection using nothing but coconuts, bamboo, and a little water from the lagoon. Not to mention the fact that this all would have been taken care of within 24 minutes if you didn’t count commercials. Instead, I sat here humming the theme song from the television show and wishing I could get some access. Trina sensing my frustration suggested that I use my time more wisely while the network was down. After all, there is only 13 more days until opening day and there were still a few items remaining on my list of things to do. Curses, I never heard Ginger or Mary Anne get on Gilligan while he was out searching for wild gorillas or Russian satellites that mistakenly landed on the island rather than on the moon. Why can’t life be as simple as television, or at least as reliable?

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