After the heartache I had to endure yesterday, I had come to the conclusion that I would have to make up for it by going to another game today. The Diamondbacks were back in Tucson and would play host to the Colorado Rockies at Tucson Electric Park. I have yet to get to TEP so this would server a double purpose. As I got up this morning, plans were made. I would get Whitney out of school and take her, Dakota, and Trina to the game. Everything was all set. As I was walking out the door to my car to head to work, the sprinklers came on outside as they normally do this time of day. This is the kind of thing that usually goes without notice at our house, but not today. There in the middle of the lawn, one of the sprinkler heads decided it had stayed in the ground long enough. It came loose and shot water what appeared to be twenty-five feet in the air. It is interesting that when I am in the shower that I cannot get enough water pressure to cause the shampoo to foam but if a sprinkler head comes loose, it can shoot a fountain of water over two stories. I dropped my briefcase and sprinted for the water shutoff valve. I quickly turned it shutting down the newest geyser and began to make alternative plans for my day. I obviously couldn’t leave the sprinkler system in its current state until I got home from a Diamondbacks game. Could I? I was willing to test this theory until I turned around to find a dripping wet wife behind me who was wondering what happened to all the water while she was showering. I probably would have been fine if I had not suggested she stand in the middle of the lawn to finish her shower since there was no reason to waste perfectly good water. Note to self, keep smart remarks to self when faced with a wife having a head full of hair conditioner. Armed with a checkbook and permission to go to Home Depot, I wouldn’t be going to any game today.

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