Beisbol Es Muy Bueno

I am sometimes amazed at the depths I will go to see a baseball game. I had grand plans to again try and attend a Diamondbacks spring training game in Scottsdale. The Diamondbacks were playing the San Francisco Giants and it was a beautiful day. I was up and ready with everything packed. I grabbed the three younger kids to take them to the game, went to the garage only to find there were no cars parked there. That was strange. I remember distinctly parking in the garage last night. Confused, I walked back into the house trying to recount my steps last night. How could I misplace my car? It’s not like I have a hole in my pocket and it slipped out. Still scratching my head, Whitney offered to help. “Dad, there is a note on the counter.” As I picked it up, I read the following, “Jeff, had to go to the store. Ashley went to the gym. Will see you this afternoon.” This afternoon?!? Are you kidding me? Do these people have any idea what they have done? I frantically started calling cell phone numbers but I could not reach anyone. By game time, I gave up. I tuned into the game via the Internet and began listening. It is just not the same. I wandered down to the family room and blankly turned on the television and began scrolling up the channels. When I reached channel 33, I froze. There in living color were the Boston Red Sox versus the Houston Astros. A game on television! I sat there watching the action on the screen. Pitchers, hitters, base runners. This was great. It was only after watching for 5 minutes that I began to realize that no one on the broadcast was speaking English. Pitch after pitch were being called in Spanish. I had stumbled upon Univision. I had no idea what they were saying but it really didn’t matter. I had found a baseball game and a way for me to spend some time watching spring training while stranded without a car. As Garrett Morris so elequently put it, “Beisbol has been berry berry good to me.”

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