I Hate When That Happens

Today was my last hope of getting to a ballgame at Tucson Electric Park this year. It was the last home game of spring training for the Diamondbacks. I had planned to go down tomorrow but as I went to bed last night, it began to rain. I cannot explain it. The only days of rain we have had all spring are when I was going to the Diamondbacks game. This morning, I woke up early and sat at the window watching the sun come up to see if the weather would cooperate. It was still raining when I left the house, but according to the Weather Channel, it was partly cloudy in Tucson. I loaded Trina, Whitney, and Dakota into the car and headed south. When we arrived at Tucson Electric Park, the sun was shining through partly cloudy skies. We went through the gates and found our seats. We were sitting two rows up from the Diamondbacks dugout. It was great. The kids were able to interact with the players and wave and talk to them between innings. We were having a great time, until the second inning. Matt Williams led off and I had my camera poised waiting for him to take his hat off. After a called first strike, Matt swung at the second pitch fouling it off his left foot. He fell to the ground in pain but managed to finish his at bat. As the top of the third inning arrived, Matt did not reappear from the dugout. He was replaced by Lenny Harris at third. Curious, I watched the dugout and the trainers. This was obviously much more serious than merely fouling a ball off your foot. As the game went on, the players became more grim. During the seventh inning, I found out that Matt had broken a bone in his foot and would be out a minimum of six to eight weeks. This is a major blow to the Diamondbacks with only a week before the regular season starts. Things are not looking good at this point.

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