Let’s Play Two

The day dawned a beautiful day of sunshine. Trina had grand plans for the day. We would get up, take the kids to their appointed destinations and then have some time for ourselves. Cool I thought. Unfortunately, her idea of time for ourselves and my idea seem to be quite different. After returning from taking the kids, I came in and there she was waiting for me, a rake and shovel in hand. She seemed to think that quality time together should somehow equate to removing the weeds from the back yard. I tried everything I could think of to get out of these menial tasks. I faked a pulled hamstring thinking I would be excused. All I got was a couple of aspirin and a lecture about stretching before raking. I had an asthma attack from all the dust and debrie and all I got was a breathing treatment and a dust mask. There was no getting away. I was stuck. Just as I was about to give up hope and learn to live with my sentence, Trina threw me a curve. “You’ve been working hard, why don’t you go to a spring trai… Before she could finish the sentence I was gone. My car was out of the driveway before the shovel hit the ground. Now I would have liked to make the trip to Tucson to see the Diamondbacks, but time was of the essence. I needed to get into the park before Trina changed her mind and called my cell phone asking me to come back. I threw the Camaro into fifth gear and screamed over to Hohokam stadium in Mesa where the Chicago Cubs were playing the San Francisco Giants. I bought a lawn ticket and laid out in right field watching baseball. As I was sitting there, Ernie Banks walked by surrounded by fans and autograph seekers. Mr. Cub was right, it was a great day to play two.

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