Rain, Rain, Go Away

According to the National Weather Service, the Phoenix metropolitan area receives approximately 287 days of sunshine per year. That said, I awoke to the sound of rain hitting my bedroom window. It has been raining all night long and according to the Weather Channel, it is supposed to rain all day and through the night tonight. I am still not giving up hope. I packed all of my baseball gear into the car and headed off to work. Each half hour, I would wander over to a window and check to see if it had stopped raining. I am not sure why I bothered. Even if it did stop raining, it would take temperatures in the 200 degree range and 100 mile an hour winds to dry out the field. A guy can still hope though. Just before game time, I went down to the stadium. Maybe it wasn’t raining at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. When I got there, sure enough, the infield was under water and the rain continued. Not wanting to give up hope, I waited at the ticket window. When it was my turn, I quietly asked the agent, “Is the game going to start on time today?” You would have thought I asked if he believed in aliens. After the laughter subsided, he refunded my money and thanked me for stopping by. So much for living in a desert.

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