The Gift of the Diamondbacks

As I got home today, the kids had once again forgotten to get the mail. I have been through this fight so many times I have just given up. Instead of even asking, I decided to just get the mail myself. With the keys in my hand I walked down to the box. Getting the mail is a lot like playing the lottery. There is always a chance that something cool will come but in most cases you just find bills. I like to build up the anticipation of getting the mail. Lately, I have started humming the theme music from So You Want To Be A Millionaire just before I turn the key to our mail box. It is kind of fun but I have found that the other mail gatherers find it a little creepy or maybe annoying if I do the song when they are turning their key. They probably wouldn’t be so freaked out if I didn’t let out a big Ahhh when they get only pull ads out of their box. Today though I was alone at the mail box. Come to think of it, I have been alone at the mail box about every day after I started singing this song. It may just be a concidence but I have been noticing that several people have started towards the mailbox at the same time as I am but turn and go back in the house. That is kind of strange don’t you think? Today happened to be one of those lottery days. When I opened the box there was a package in the mail. I had not remembered ordering anything so I looked at the return address to see if it looked familiar. It was from the Diamondbacks! I turned leaving the rest of the mail in the box and rushed home. I opened the package to find a day planner, a discount card good at the team shop, and a letter. The letter was from Rich Dozer, president of the Diamondbacks. It thanked me for being a season ticket holder and said this was a gift of appreciation. It was a great gift and one I will treasure forever. I immediately sat down and wrote Mr. Dozer a thank-you letter.

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