Tracking the Neverending Forehead

In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab had his white whale. He battles the great whale in a life long struggle. In Diamondbacks lore, my white whale is Matt Williams. I have been attempting for the past few months to get a picture of Matt without his hat on. Given he is folicly challenged, a picture of Matt without his hat would save me countless hours while creating a Chia head for him. I have seen Matt at golf tournaments, at parades, even around town. I have even spoken with him and asked for a picture with his hat off. Each time, he has eluded me. Today, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in Phoenix to play the San Diego Padres at Peoria Sports Complex. The quest for the picture drove me to leave work early and make my way to the ballpark, my camera in hand. I got there early for batting practice. With my camera glued to my eye, I followed the players around snapping shots that will soon become part of the web site. I took pictures of Travis Lee and Jay Bell, Tony Womack and Greg Colburnn. Damian Miller even stopped to sign autographs for the kids and let me take a few pictures. As practice ended, so did my roll of film. I watched as Matt left the field to get ready for the game. I unloaded my camera with plans to start another roll. When I got in my bag, I found I had just shot the last roll. Given that I had already taken 36 pictures at the game, I decided to put the camera away and enjoy the game.

I have determined that Murphy must have been a baseball fan. I can think of no other reason for what happened next. In the bottom of the first inning, Matt came out of the dugout and took off his hat. He then turned 360 degrees on his way out to third base. I sat no more than 30 feet away with nothing but a hot dog in my hands. That in itself would have been bad enough but over the course of the game, Matt took his hat off on three different occasions as if to mock me. This is no longer a lost photo opportunity, it has now become a quest. I now understand how the knights of the roundtable must have felt as they set off on their search for the holy grail. I will not rest until I have a picture of the neverending forehead.

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