Weekend at BOB’s

There are times it seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in Section 133 Row 16 Seat 13 watching the Arizona Diamondbacks winning their first play-off game in franchise history. There are other times when it seems like forever since I was watching a game at BOB. Well, my wait is finally over as the Diamondbacks play host to the Boston Red Sox tonight and tomorrow. I can hardly wait for the game to start. I had a hard time sleeping last night due to the anticipation. I was up early this morning. I pulled the seat cushions that Trina made out of the closet and began the task of getting them ready for the season. I filled the pockets with peanuts, pens, binoculars, and a score card. I checked my scoring pencil for lead and zipped the pocket shut. I then turned to filling the water bottles with water and placing them in the freezer to make sure they would be cold for tonight’s game. The almost nightly ritual began to feel familiar to me again and I knew that baseball season was about to start. Once everything was loaded, I placed the bags next to the door ready to go. All I had to do now was wait eight hours for the gates to Bank One Ballpark to open. It was about killing me to wait that long. It was a good thing that I had to go to work so I would quit bugging Trina. Finally, baseball season has nearly arrived and I am once again going to the game. Even though it is supposed to rain tonight, it doesn’t matter. The roof will close and the game will go on. Life in the desert is good.

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