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Not a Number Anymore

Day Two Disneyland. After what seemed like endless lines and bad food, we were once again up for another day of happy furry animals surrounded by children and foreign tourists toting an average of three cameras per person. The crowds today were much lighter than they were yesterday. This allowed us to spend our time on the rides rather than in line. With Dakota only being three, he was not yet tall enough to ride many of the major rides. This...

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The Second Happiest Place on Earth

After Mallorie’s performance today, she spent the rest of the day at Disneyland. During the evening, there was an awards banquet where her middle school was awarded the third place trophy for their performance. In order to celebrate this moment with her, we had purchased 3-day passes to Disneyland and we would spend the weekend and Monday in the park. As we approached the entry gates, we were greeted by numerous Disney employees and signs...

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Half the Fun is Getting There

With the Diamondbacks gone on a nine game road trip, I had some time to spend with the family. I had anticipated a relaxing week at home but plans soon changed. Mallorie’s middle school band was scheduled to play in a festival in Fullerton California and we decided as a family that we would go over and watch her perform and spend a few days there on vacation. I have come to the conclusion that it is physically impossible for a family of...

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Birthday Bubba

Three years ago today, I was sitting in a hospital, my arm in a brace at a 90 degree angle after my third reconstructive surgery on my pitching arm. I was not in the hospital for me though. Instead, I was there with Trina as she gave birth to my son Dakota. Seeing my son born was one of the greatest experiences of my life even if the doctor did use my arm as a staging area for towels and instruments. Now Dakota, or Bubba as he is known to his...

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Streaming Diamondbacks

One of the great things about working in the computer industry is that you get to play with new technologies as they arrive. Sometimes you can even justify doing something fun while calling it work. That was the case today. We are working on implementing streaming video throughout the company but of course it needs to be tested before we move it to production. What better way to test this capability than to broadcast the Arizona Diamondbacks...

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Philly Steaks and Fanatics

After an off-day that seemed to last an eternity, the Diamondbacks are once again playing ball. They are out of town so I am forced to watch the games on television. Before the game started, I got onto the Internet to check line-ups pitching match-ups, and weather forecasts for Philadelphia. I found that the weather was to be cold and windy at the game tonight. In order to get into the spirit of things, I decided to simulate game conditions. I...

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My Dad

The Diamondbacks had their first day off of the season today. This is also the first day I have had where I was not at or watching some type of baseball. Trina had banished me from the television deciding I had seen enough baseball that I could last 24 hours without a game. Today marks my father’s sixtieth birthday. It is hard to believe that he is reaching retirement age in the next five years. In my eyes, he will always be a young man....

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Open Sesame!

As Easter Sunday rolled around, the family did the standard egg hunt where the kids accumulated plastic eggs filled with candy. The Easter Bunny was especially gracious this year and replaced my worn out basket with a new Arizona Diamondbacks baseball hat filled with candy. Dakota likewise got a new hat and we decided these hats must be tested in a game situation so off to the game we went. Before the game, Dakota was once again chosen to be a...

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My Wife, the Autograph Hound

In a rare occurrence, Trina is actually sitting with me at the game today. I think this marks the first time this season that we have actually sat together. Usually she has the younger kids with her in the upper deck while I have one of the older ones with me. Trina always likes to sample the Visiting Team special at the concession stand. It is interesting what type of food they decide to bring in for each of the teams. Before the game, we were...

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